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Rufus hit the reset button, putting an end to the quickest run ever. Everything is the way it was before we started, and there are no zombies...

-We'll do that again the run after this.-


[ Read This or Die ]

To: [All Contacts @ Shinra.org]
From: ScarletMayhem @ Shinra.org
Subject: Read This or Die.

Greetings all beloved (you're still living, after all) Shinra Employees. I have come to you with an announcement that shall surely bring a small spark of hope to your dim little lives. But, worry not, I shall crush that hope soon enough.

Anyway. My recent absence and failure to deliver orders has been due to locking myself and my lab techs in my labs for a week in intensive study. you may have noticed the lack of explosions or structural damage to the building in the interlude. But, this was all for the greater good! I am now pleased to inform you that, in light of our president's absurd obsession with zombies, that our building is now completely zombieproof!

That's right, yours truly, scientific genius and absolute stunning visage of beauty, has created Midgar's first ever zombie-repellent force field. On the down side, if a zombie is inside the building, it can't leave. But on the bright side, if the world ever gets taken over by zombies, we're all safe. You may commence your momentary rejoicing before I crush your dreams... now.

Now then. I know it is a running gag amongst some of our lesser, squishier members of the company that my e-mails never come with simply good news, and that there's always something horrible and devastating included. Well, first off, those members will shortly meet a group of my Recon Moogles armed with Flare Materia -- please ignore any shrieks followed by loud BWOOSH noises, as those are just dissenters being fired. Literally.

*ahem* Anyway. I regret to inform you that your loved ones are probably dead at this point, and are out to eat your brains. My sample zombies went amok in most of the Sectors, faster than my Recon Moogles could deal with them. Who knew riffraff bred so quickly? Well, quickly enough to outpace our ever-growing company demands.

Regardless. If you leave the building, you will die. That said, Hojo, please go on vacation as soon as possible.

Also, Chocobos are oddly immune to Zombification. I have adopted one such Red Chocobo, which is to be my personal bodyguard from the Zombies when I need my beauty products and have to venture out. You may recognize this Chocobo by how it goes 'Tah-kweh!' and steals all your Tacos. Anyone found messing with my Chocobo will be hung outside the building just high enough for the zombies to scratch. And scratch. And scratch. I'll even rig a Regen Materia up just to prolong your suffering, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, do take care. I have barricaded myself in my office as of sending this e-mail out, in the highly likely scenario that someone screws up my force field and gets us overran by zombies. Rufus, Zack, I'm looking at you.

P.S: Rufus, I blame this entirely on you. This is entirely your fault. And there may or may not be a zombie in your bed back at your plebeian home.

It's that time again~

Everything before this post is old and should never be viewed by anyone ever again -except for those involved-.

If you're seeing this, know that changes are coming, this community is going to be organized, and we're expecting to make a run sometime next month -tentatively, if I get everything organized and ready to go, and convince Scarlet-mun that Livejournal is the best choice, and bring in some of the other players as well-.

So, if you're still interested in playing, comment here and join letters_logs



To: [Entire contact list @ Shinra.Org]
From: BratPrince @ Shinra.org
Subject: Testing the Security System.


Good evening everyone, I have some good new and some bad news.

The good news is, the new security system is up and running and I've outfitted the building with some new toys and pets.

The bad news is, I'm testing it out on you. However, if you survive my gauntlet and make it to my office on the top floor, you get a month's paid vacation at Costa De Sol.

Just a few things I've outfitted the building with:

~Electric 'fences', doors and hallways. Good luck getting anywhere without a proper keycard.
~New man-eating plants on every floor cleverly disguised as 'idiot-eating plants', feel free to test your intelligence out on them as many times as you like.
~Behemoths have been released in the upper levels of the building, and will attack.
~A nice little gadget I stole from Scarlet, automated 'humming-birds' filled with green materia. They are roaming the floors in packs of four -two attack, one restore, and one life-. They will attack anyone that moves, unless wearing a certain device that will be handed out after testing is over.
~Decoy Doors -which obviously will not fool anyone who knows the building layout.
~Motion-sensing Flamethrowers on the upper floors, these will be turned on only during an emergency,
~Two-three Cameras in every room.
~Lasers. I'm not saying where.
~Elevators are locked on the top floor.
~Clones of high ranking Soldiers, Turks and certain executives may be found wandering around certain floors. I'm not sure if they're hostile or not, they're pretty friendly with me.
~The standard traps found in any video game.

I've also left a surprise in the vents, for those of you who choose to go that way. If you wish to forfeit, you may wait in the lobby until testing is done, or if you're a Turk, you may use your card key to get to the top, though you lose any chance of receiving your vacation.

Enjoy and Good Luck.

~Rufus Shinra, Evil Overlord


To: [Turks @ Shinra.org]
From: BlessedBullet @ Shinra.org
Subject: Security Upgrades


As some of you may know, President Rufus is planning to upgrade our security system -if what we have now could really be called 'security'-. What you probably don't know is, he's planning on locking out all of his employees to 'test' the system. His reasoning is, if we can break in, so can a terrorist.

From what little he's talked about with me, he's planning on turning the 'test' into a contest with a fabulous prize to the person who gets the highest. As Turks, we will be given card keys in case of emergencies, but any advancement made using them will make our participation null and void. Sephiroth has also been given a card key, however I don't know if he's participating.

Also, Rufus has given his signed permission that any Turk who wishes to remain in the building may, as long as they don't get in the way. Reno, I expect you to be sober next Monday, and Rude, get some rest and don't worry about this.

Good Luck.



To: FlameTurk@Shinra.org
From: ScarletSwan@Shinra.org
Subject: How could you?!


Reno! You are Rude's partner. How could you just let him get sick like that and not notice. The two of you are always together. You of all people should have been the first to notice. I am disappointed with you, Reno. Really! :(



To: [Entire contact list @ Shinra.Org]
From: BratPrince @ Shinra.org
Subject: Find Somewhere Else to Be.


Before any of you start in with your useless drama, I am not firing you. I am upgrading the security for the building and do not need you idiots wandering about, messing things up. So, consider yourself on vacation for the next week or so.

Turks, Sephiroth, meet me in my office in an hour to discuss the upgrades, and potential testing.

~Rufus Shinra, Evil Overlord.


To: [Entire contact list @ Shinra.Org]
From: BratPrince @ Shinra.org
Subject: Meeting Summary


Good Meeting Everyone. You had better thank Sephiroth, Cissnei, Tseng and Elena for bringing food and drink.

For those of you who weren't there, or fell asleep, we got a lot covered, especially after Palmer and Heidigger nodded off. Incidentally, Heidigger and Palmer's budgets have been halved. Scarlet, your budget has been increased a little, however this is not permission to engineer bio-weapons to take over the building. Again.

The Turks and Soldier will continue on as they always have. Hojo's department will suffer a budget cut unless he can explain where his money is going, because it's certainly not going towards what I'm paying him to do. Reeve, you have an increase to fix that project of yours, and I'm sorry to hear about your... moogle.

Oh, and Rude, you had better have a good reason for missing the meeting.

~Rufus Shinra, Evil Overlord

[Rufus Shinra]

To: [Entire Contact List @ Shinra.org]
From: BratPrince @ Shinra.org
Subject: Board meeting.


I would like all the Heads of the Departments, the Turks, and All SOLDIERs 1st class and up to meet me in boardroom #606 at 9:00AM on the fourtieth floor for our yearly review meeting.

This is not a 'bring your own chocobo meeting'. I expect you to bring only yourself, your clothes (which must be on your body, in their proper places), and perhaps a pen or pencil. No weapons, no socks (except for the ones on your feet). You may bring cake, but only if you share.

There will be no getting out of going. Anyone who doesn't show up will be assigned to 'assisting' Hojo in his lab, or something of similar

~Rufus Shinra, Evil Overlord.